B&W protector set

extra foam and spacers for maximum protection

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protector set: extra foam and spacers for maximum protection

Product description

The upgrade to the B&W basic set

For giving every bike part the best protection: The B&W protector set is the upgrade to the B&W basic set consisting of one chain protector, two foam tubes, three spacers for dropouts and front fork ends, and two additional spacers, and serves as the perfect complement. The four additional spacers made of high-quality black foam and four durable foam tubes have many uses for securing and protecting the bike frame and other parts. Every packed part stays put inside your luggage, safe from damage.

All features at a glance

  • Four universal spacers made of high-quality foam

  • Four durable foam tubes

  • Color: black

For securing and protecting bike frames, handlebars, and seatposts

In order to make your bike as compact as possible to take on trips, to competitions, or on tour, the wheels, handlebars, and possibly the seat need to be removed. In B&W bike.cases and bags, every part has a place and can be secured there with our high-quality, resilient foam spacers. The practical, durable foam tubes also cushion the bike parts, preventing unsightly scratches or accidental friction. The foam parts are ultra lightweight, meaning no additional weight is added to your luggage.

Four additional universal spacers

With the universal spacers in the protector set, two bike parts can be connected together with ease. This strong immobilization means these parts cannot be damaged or cause damage in your luggage while on the go. The spacers can be used, for example, to attach the removed handlebars to the bike frame, or the seatpost to the frame.

Four high-quality foam tubes for sensitive parts

Four tubes made of flexible, yet very durable foam can be used in your luggage wherever additional padding is wanted or needed to protect your bike. The tubes can be used, for example, as extra protection on the bike frame, fork, or seatpost.



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