Terms of Warranty

B&W Jiaxing stands for sophisticated suitcases and bags of the highest quality, functionality and aesthetics. Our outdoor.cases have been developed for the toughest of uses and tested under extreme conditions in order to satisfy high standards. Ultimately you trust that your valuable equipment has watertight, dust-proof and shockproof protection.
And because we believe in the long-lasting quality of our products we offer a 30 year warranty on all outdoor.cases.

B&W Jiaxing offers a 30 year warranty on all of its products labelled “30 year warranty” (hereinafter “Warranty Products”) according to the following warranty conditions.

Please contact your warrantor in all warranty cases:

B&W Jiaxing
No.997 Fenghua Road,
Jiaxing 314036, Zhejiang,
P.R. China

Terms of Warranty

B&W Jiaxing offers a guarantee of durability for the Warranty Products for a period of 30 years. Should material or manufacturing defects occur during this period B&W Jiaxing, as warrantor, offer one of the following services of its choice under the warranty:


The warranty promise applies exclusively to the functional state of the Warranty Product. Follow-up costs, including any consequential damage or assembly costs, are not part of the warranty and will not be reimbursed.

The warranty promise applies exclusively to the synthetic and metal parts of the product.

B&W Jiaxing’s warranty applies within the area of the European Union. German law shall apply for all legal disputes in connection with this Agreement.

The warranty period is calculated from the date of the invoice/purchase receipt.

A warranty claim requires that B&W Jiaxing are able to review the warranty case within the warranty period after having received the Warranty Product. The Warranty Product should be sent in with a copy of the invoice/purchase receipt and an as accurate as possible description of the defect. Without this information, it is not possible to perform an inspection or claim under the warranty.

Provided we are dealing with a justified warranty claim you will not be charged for postage during the warranty process. B&W Jiaxing will reimburse any advance postage costs.

Warranty claims cannot be made for damages to the Warranty Product through:

In particular, damage caused by falls and damage following on from that, e.g. failing impermeability due to a previous fall, are excluded from the warranty.
Attempts at repair or repairs carried out by a non-authorised workshop or by non-authorised personnel are also excluded from the warranty.

Your rights under current law, such as your rights against the vendor under the purchase agreement (e.g. legal liability for material defects) remain unaffected by this warranty. This warranty applies in addition to the applicable warranty and liability regulations and does not restrict the rights of consumers against vendors or other mandatory rights or inalienable rights according to the law on general terms and conditions of business.
Therefore, should the purchased product be faulty you can, in line with the vendor’s legal liability for material defects, approach the vendor regardless of whether a warranty case applies or a claim is made under the warranty.