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"As a stage builder, I'm on a different construction site almost every day. My B&W tool.cases are always with me.”

Domenique Burt, carpenter and set builder
Whether it’s a grandstand, TV studio, stage backdrop or trade fair booth - as a stage builder in the event industry, Domenique Burt is on the job almost everywhere. This kind of work requires quick reflexes and excellent organization. Whether working on the ground or high up on trusses, you need fast and safe access to every tool. And when the job is done, you can go straight to the next task with your own equipment. So intelligent and mobile solutions are a must.
Domenique Burt relies on B&W tool.cases for his tools and protective equipment. The Jumbo 6600 and Jumbo 6700 meet his high requirements, offer plenty of space for extensive equipment and - thanks to the smooth-running wheels - are easy to take along.
"My B&W Cases and I: together we are prepared for anything."
Domenique Burt, carpenter and set builder
Thanks to the aluminum divider system and the different tool boards from the Selection range, Domenique can change the interior of his case and configure it to suit his personal requirements.

The B&W tool.cases Jumbo 6600 and Jumbo 6700 are made of polypropylene (PP) and are therefore extremely stable, stackable and dustproof. The gas pressure spring, smooth-running wheels and the two-component handle guarantee easy and comfortable handling. In combination with the tool.boards and the aluminum divider system, it’s easy to keep things organized and clearly accessible in the tool.cases.

My Case

The B&W Jumbo 6600 and the Jumbo 6700. The robust and mobile companion for every professional. Equipped with all the necessary tools or for the protection of your own safety gear. For a broad range of possible applications.


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