Ultra sturdy cases for cameras, DJIs, microphones, and other multimedia equipment

GoPros, DJIs, microphones, and much more: With B&W’s multimedia cases, valuable equipment and accessories are stored perfectly. Whether on tour, traveling, or on the hunt for the next challenge, B&W cases protect valuable items in any situation—even extreme ones. Sensitive technology is kept safe and sound in tailored foam inserts and can even withstand being submerged without damage.

GoPro cases: rugged cases with tailored interiors for various GoPro models

With a B&W gopro case, any GoPro is safely stored. Our cases are dustproof, impact-resistant, and waterproof in accordance with their IP67 rating. Tailored interiors in the form of precut pick-and-pluck foam can be customized to perfectly fit various GoPro models, such as the GoPro Actioncam Hero 8, ensuring ideal hold inside the case. Even if the case is dropped, everything remains securely in place and undamaged.

The perfect home for camera drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro

DJI is the leading manufacturer of high-quality camera drones. Their remote-controlled drones feature a built-in camera system that can take high-resolution photos up to 20 MP depending on the model. The DJI Mavic Pro can reach altitudes up to seven kilometers with a flight time of around 25 minutes. They can also be folded up for easier transport. B&W's outdoor cases feature customizable interiors for optimal protection of sensitive camera drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro or the DJI Mavic Mini plus accessories. The custom-fit foam insert gently cushions the sensitive technology and the rugged shell withstands drops and impacts with ease, protecting the delicate contents better than any other.

For securely transporting drones and video cameras

Always looking for the perfect subject: Amateur and professional photographers alike often travel to unusual locations for that one-of-a-kind snapshot or high-quality photos. The camera case or camera bag needs to perform exceptionally well on uneven ground and over precarious terrain. A cinch for B&W's specialty cases: Waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant, they are ready for any adversity and provide dependable protection for sensitive equipment.

Hard shells for optimal audio equipment protection

When on tour, all audio equipment, such as microphones, cables, and notebooks, needs to arrive undamaged and ready for use. B&W's ProAudio cases guarantee protection for valuable equipment with sturdy shells and soft, padded interiors. Microphones, cables, and adapters fit perfectly in black, specially precut pick-and-pluck foam. The B&W outdoor.case type 3000 can be fitted with an inlay for three universal microphones or two Sennheiser AVX systems. The type 2000 can comfortably fit up to six microphones, and the ProAudio giant—the type 6700—can store up to 24 microphones. For the type 5000, a foam insert is available for a Sennheiser EW100 microphone system, or for different Shure systems and accessories.

Backpack system, shoulder strap, lid pouch, and other accessories

Every multimedia case can be combined with numerous accessories. For maximum comfort and freedom of movement while traveling or on tour, we offer a practical backpack system. This system allows a variety of B&W outdoor cases to be conveniently transported on your back and opened easily, since the lid remains accessible. Mounting frames, made of plastic or aluminum, are another way to customize your case's interior. They make it easier to quickly mount things like instrument panels. For additional carrying comfort, a durable and rugged shoulder strap can be quickly and easily attached to our outdoor cases.

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