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B&W foldon.case

sturdy folding bike case in the perfect size for convenience

Product Number: 96006/N

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357a36e9803d0463224c4b6b71f5eda.pngsuitable for many bikes
357a36e9803d0463224c4b6b71f5eda.pnglow weight
357a36e9803d0463224c4b6b71f5eda.pngeasy handling

foldon case - the sturdy folding bike case in the perfect size for convenience

Product description

The B&W foldon case: secure, sturdy, strong

With the B&W foldon case, folding bikes stay in place during transport, safe and shakeproof—even or especially during less-than-delicate luggage handling. The rugged ABS plastic shell is impact-resistant and scratchproof, and the aluminum rim offers reinforced corners. A case strap routed inside the shell provides optimal support for the fail-safe closing mechanism of the locking latches so the contents remain protected against any external influences at all times. Its ideal size makes our B&W foldon case the perfect compact companion for secure transport of valuable contents, from Brompton bikes to a complete travel setup.

All features at a glance

  • Extremely sturdy: shell made of ASB plastic

  • Versions with TSA-approved lock also available

  • Perfect size for Brompton bikes

  • Impact-resistant

  • Scratchproof

  • Aluminum rim

  • Reinforced corners

  • Smooth, extendable telescoping handle 

  • High-quality inline casters

  • Internal locking latches 

  • internal dimensions: 610 x 625 x 240 mm | 24.2 x 24.2 x 9.4 inch

  • External dimensions: 640 x 700 x 330 mm | 25.0 x 26.7 x 12.7 inch

  • Weight: 15.9 Ib

  • Color: black

  • Inner protective lining: egg crate foam

Brompton bike format? Our foldon case is practically made for it.

When traveling, you do not stow a high-quality folding bike just anywhere. It should always be fully protected against rough handling, inattentive storing, and unwanted external influences. Our B&W foldon case offers extreme stability and the perfect inner size for all foldable bikes with the dimensions of a Brompton bike. The sturdy ABS plastic shell with egg crate foam interior exerts just the right amount of pressure on the contents to keep it in place and secure during transport. With the foldon case, high-quality folding bikes are not only protected, they are also supported.

B&W bike.case with TSA-approved lock

To avoid any unnecessary delays with luggage handling when traveling to the United States, a B&W foldon case for folding bikes can also be equipped with two TSA-approved locks. The TSA, or Transport Security Administration, is always glad for travelers with luggage that does not need to be unnecessarily broken open in order to inspect its contents. And our secure and user-friendly bike.case by B&W and its contents will be glad that the case can be opened properly without damage.

The pictured bike is not included in the delivery.





A (A1): 25.2 inch / 640mm

B: 27.56 inch / 700mm

C: 12.99 inch / 330mm

A (A1) inside: 24.02 inch / 610mm

B inside: 24.61 inch / 625mm

C inside: 9.45 inch / 240mm

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