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B&W bike.guard curv®

innovative bike box made of recyclable curv® material

Product Number: 96015

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357a36e9803d0463224c4b6b71f5eda.pngsuitable for many bikes
357a36e9803d0463224c4b6b71f5eda.pnglow weight
357a36e9803d0463224c4b6b71f5eda.pngeasy handling

bike.guard curv® - the innovative bike box made of recyclable curv® material

Product description

Ultra rugged, weatherproof, and innovative: This is the bike.guard curv®

B&W’s bike.guard curv® is the top choice for storing racing bikes, mountain bikes, and triathlon bikes up to 29”. The shell is made of our innovative curv® material—100% self-reinforced polypropylene (Pp)—which is environmentally friendly, impact-resistant, and weatherproof. The material is also ultra light, up to half as light as other containers made of fibrous composites. The bike.guard curv® comes with extensive accessories for protecting your bike accessories perfectly and storing any additional property securely. The perfect companion for any trip.

All features at a glance

  • Highly durable curv® material

  • Stacking lid and base

  • For racing bikes, mountain bikes, and triathlon bikes

  • Removable lid

  • Weatherproof

  • Impact-resistant, rugged, long-lasting

  • Stackable

  • Four sturdy, smooth-running casters: two swivel, two rigid

  • Two large wheel bags

  • Two pull handles

  • Two carry handles

  • Self-tightening strap buckle

  • Foam block for chainring

  • Chain guard

  • Two foam pads to protect frame

  • Foam spacer for handlebars

  • Spacers for dropouts and front fork ends

  • Foam tube

  • Four bags for accessories

  • Lockable with optional TSA-approved padlock

  • internal dimensions: 1300/1070 x 840 x 285 mm | 51.2/42.1 x 33.1 x 11.8 inch

  • External dimensions: 1310 x 910 x 315 mm | 51.6 x 35.8 x 12.4 inch

  • Weight: 24.0 Ib

  • Color: black

3D view

The case in detail.

Extensive accessories: foam padding and bag set

We have thought of everything with our bike.guard curv®: The bike box comes with foam pads to protect the frame and act as spacers for the handlebars, dropouts, and front fork ends, and foam tubes to protect sensitive parts. Large wheel bags for wheels up to 29” are also included. The bike box also comes with a bag set of four bags that fit exactly in the spaces in the bike frame so that other accessories are not left loose inside the box. The void space in the bike.guard curv® is cleverly utilized and other equipment such as helmets, shoes, or clothing is securely stowed.

Stacking lid and base

To make packing the bike especially easy, the lid of the bike.guard curv® can be completely removed and stacked under the base to save room. A practical strap system secures the bike and all bike parts. The rugged strap buckle makes closing the box easier and prevents it from springing open. For even more security, the buckle has eyelets for an optional TSA-approved padlock.

With pull and carry handles, and sturdy, smooth-running casters

Four sturdy, smooth-running casters—two swivel and two rigid—make it easy to maneuver the box on any surface. With the adjustable pull handles, the bike.guard curv® can also be conveniently transported on just two casters. The box also has two rugged carry handles for lifting over short obstacles.

The bike shown is not included in the delivery.





                                        A (A1): 51.57 inch / 1310mm

                                        B: 35.83 inch / 910mm

                                        C: 12.4 inch / 315mm

                                        A (A1) inside: 51.18 inch / 1300mm

                                        A (A2) inside: 42.13 inch / 1070mm

                                        B inside: 33.07 inch / 840mm

                                        C inside: 11.22 inch / 285mm

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