B&W tool.module hammer

Safety and comfort: a stable hold for hammers with the tool.modul hammer

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Safety and comfort: a stable hold for hammers with the tool.modul hammer

Product description

No more searching!

Do you know the situation - you need to hammer a nail into the wall quickly, but unfortunately the hammer is not at hand? Or you're looking for the hammer in your tool bag, but can't find it amongst all the other tools? Then our tool.modul hammer is the solution! 

As a craftsman, it provides you with the perfect accessory for a safe and stable holder for various hammers. The tool.modul hammer is ergonomically angled for comfortable and stable carrying.

Whether it is a small or large hammer, the tool.modul belt is suitable for all sizes. With this practical accessory, the hammer is always at hand. So you can get the job done efficiently and comfortably. 

Flexibility with Fidlock - The smart system for craftsmen!

The tool.modul hammer can be easily stored in the B&W tool.bag TEX 223 or attached to the B&W tool.modul belt thanks to the Fidlock system. The Fidlock system's magnetic locking mechanism allows for easy and intuitive release and attachment. The one-handed locking mechanism is particularly useful on construction sites. The Fidlock system ensures a reliable and secure connection, so the hammer always stays firmly in place. 

The tools schown are not included in the delivery.



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