B&W MODUL-KIT tool board go

the practical module tool board set for the B&W tool.case go

Product Number: 4800155

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go module kit: the practical module tool board set for the B&W tool.case go

Product description

Additional organization and custom design for the tool.case go with the go module kit

Enough with tools scattering about and spending minutes looking for the right one: With the additional go module kit, every tool has a place in the B&W tool.case go and is always ready for use. The nine total pockets are durable and can readily accommodate larger tools with a diameter of up to 21 mm. The go module kit consists of a modular, double-sided tool board for the case lid and a single-sided board for use in the main compartment.

All features at a glance

  • Designed to fit the tool.case go

  • Made of durable plastic

  • Lightweight, moisture-resistant, and dirt-repellent

  • Two tool boards: one for the lid, one for the main compartment

  • 9 pockets total

  • Easy installation with Velcro strips

  • For tools with a diameter up to 21 mm

  • Retaining teeth for secure storage

  • Can be combined with other interior accessories

  • Velcro for installing the safety lid holder

  • Practical finger loops for easy flipping

  • Color: black

Flexible, removable, and individually combinable

The practical, high-quality tool boards in the go module kit are easy to use and remove whenever needed, and just as easy to reinstall in the B&W tool case go thanks to durable Velcro. The modular tool boards can also be combined with other B&W tool boards, such as the tool loops board or the tool pockets board. The optimal storage solution for any tool, big or small.

Hard on dirt and water, easy on tools

Made of ultra rugged plastic, the module tool boards easily repel dirt and water, and preserve the tools inside. The honeycomb structure of the plastic will not scratch tools and other materials, and also prevents scratches on the tool boards. This not only keeps the tool boards ready for use over the duration but also maintains their elegant appearance.

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