B&W MODUL-KIT tool board flex

versatile module tool boards for the B&W tool.case flex

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flex module kit: versatile module tool boards for the B&W tool.case flex

Product description

The flex module kit: the tool board insertion system for more organization in the B&W tool.case flex

Tools perfectly organized, right at hand and ready to use at all times—this is what B&W tool boards offer. Specially designed for the flex tool case, these practical, removable module tool insertion systems can store tools with a diameter of up to 21 mm. A total of nine sturdy pockets are spread across two tool boards: one for the lid and the other for the main compartment. The tool boards are quickly and efficiently installed in the case with a strong, durable Velcro strip.

All features at a glance

  • Designed to fit the tool.case flex

  • Made of durable plastic

  • Lightweight, moisture-resistant, and dirt-repellent

  • Two tool boards, for lid and main compartment

  • Nine pockets total

  • Easy installation with Velcro strips

  • For tools with a diameter up to 21 mm

  • Retaining teeth for secure storage

  • Can be combined with other interior accessories

  • Velcro for installing the safety lid holder

  • Practical finger loops for easy flipping

  • Color: black

For enhancing and customizing the B&W tool.case flex

The flex module kit is the ideal accessory for additional organization and customization of your flex tool case. The set contains one rugged tool board for installation under the lid that has three pockets on the front and back as well as another tool board with three additional pockets for installation in the main compartment. The tool board for the lid comes with a practical finger loop that makes lifting the board easy. The flex module kit also comes with a Velcro strip to which the safety lid holder can be attached.

Made of ultra rugged plastic, dirt- and liquid-repellent

Made of ultra rugged plastic, these B&W tool boards can withstand almost anything. Dirt and water roll right off and even scratches are hard to see on the high-quality material. The tool boards are also very light as well as easy to remove and reinstall, even when full. For maximum organization and security in the B&W tool.case flex.

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