B&W POCKET-KIT tool board JUMBO 6600

organized tool board with practical pockets for the B&W JUMBO 6600 case

Product Number: 4800363

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The JUMBO 6600 pocket kit: organized tool board with practical pockets for the B&W JUMBO 6600 case

Product description

JUMBO 6600 pocket kit: removable insert for the B&W tool.case JUMBO 6600

With the JUMBO 6600 pocket kit, the B&W tough.case JUMBO 6600 can be customized to suit any need. The practical pockets in various sizes secure whatever you need right at hand during transport. The practical Velcro strip allows the JUMBO 6600 pocket kit to be quickly and easily attached, and enough room is left over to add other tool boards to the tool.case JUMBO 6600. The durable, tear-resistant plastic guarantees not only top protection for all tools but also the long-lasting quality of the interior of our B&W cases.

All features at a glance

  • Designed to fit the tool.case JUMBO 6600

  • Made of durable plastic

  • 37 pockets

  • Velcro for easy attaching

  • Tool pockets on front and back

  • Tool pockets in various sizes

  • Can be combined with other interior accessories

  • Strap with fastener for mounting under case lid

  • Color: black

B&W case accessories: perfectly sized tool pockets and elastic loops for a secure hold

The JUMBO 6600 pocket kit tool pockets with additional elastic loops from the B&W case accessories range always offer the best possible hold on all important tools, even on longer trips. The Velcro strip on the JUMBO 6600 pocket kit allows it to be easily flipped up and down for an immediate overview of everything you brought with you. At the same time, our tool boards act as a cover panel that can be attached in the main compartment to protect whatever is underneath and keep it in place.

Flexible interior for the rugged B&W JUMBO 6600 tool case

The B&W JUMBO 6600 pro tool case is one of our tough.cases and offers maximum protection for safe tool transport. Its rugged exterior protects contents against shocks, impacts, and water damage, and can be optimally supplemented with durable, custom-fit pocket kits. The soft plastic nestles perfectly up against the tool and keeps it secure so it cannot knock against and scratch the other tools. Elastic loops above the pockets in the JUMBO 6600 pocket kit guarantee additional hold and keep the tools from shifting about during transport—even over longer periods and trips.

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