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357a36e9803d0463224c4b6b71f5eda.png30 years warranty*
357a36e9803d0463224c4b6b71f5eda.pngstackable and super stable
357a36e9803d0463224c4b6b71f5eda.pngdust and waterproof 500 – compact mobile energy supply

Product description 500 - mobile power for extreme conditions

Compact and absolutely robust: The 500 is an innovative solution for a mobile and reliable energy supply. The sturdy housing of the proven 400 offers optimum protection for the internal LiFEPo4 battery. The powerful battery delivers 24 volts. With a battery capacity of 500 Wh and a power of 300 watts, the 500 delivers wherever you need it. Whether for craftsmen, rescue workers or camping, the temperature-resistant and Hose water protected 500 is suitable for the toughest requirements.

All data at a glance:

  • Battery capacity: 500 Wh

  • Voltage output 1 till 3: 25 V (Factory adjustable from 5 V to 48 V)

  • Continuous power output 1 till 3: total 300 W

  • Voltage output 4 (USB): 5 V

  • Continuous power output 4 (USB): 12,5 W

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery: operation from -20°C to +45°C (charging possible from 0 degrees)

  • Dimensions: 240 x 325 x 180 mm

  • Weight: 8,7 kg

  • Water tightness: IP66

  • Charging sources: Power supply, 12 V solar cell, 12 V car or 24 V truck

  • Charge control: MPPT (maximization of solar power) 500 - durable and robust

The 500 is perfect for mobile applications thanks to its compact shape and low weight. Hose water protected, robust and always reliable even under extreme conditions. With its modern and durable LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery, it has an extremely long service life of up to 5,000 charging cycles. The energy.cases were developed for the toughest requirements. Operating temperatures range from -20°C to + 45°C (charging possible from 0 degrees).

Quality made in Germany

Developed, manufactured and programmed in Germany, the energy.cases meet the highest quality standards. Extremely robust, they operate silently and vibration-free. The energy.cases can be charged with a power supply unit, a car charging cable or a solar cell and are just as suitable for stationary continuous operation as for changing mobile applications.





                                    A (A1): 16.54 inch / 420mm

                                    B: 12.8 inch / 325mm

                                    C: 7.09 inch / 180mm

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