B&W POCKET-KIT tool board go

convertible tool boards with pockets designed specially for the B&W go tool case

Product Number: 4800153

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go pocket kit: convertible tool boards with pockets designed specially for the B&W go tool case

Product description

The custom organization and storage solution for the tool.case go

The storage solution for every craftsman: For our go tool case, we at B&W offer the go pocket kit: a set of two tool boards with a total of 37 pockets for tools of different sizes that can be used separately. Whether as an addition for maximum tool case organization or as a replacement for the rare occasion a tool board is damaged, the B&W go pocket kit is ready to be used as needed.

All features at a glance

  • Designed to fit the tool.case go

  • Made of durable ABS material

  • Lightweight, moisture-resistant, and dirt-repellent

  • Two tool boards: one for the lid, one for the main compartment

  • 37 pockets total

  • Easy installation with Velcro strips

  • Can be combined with other interior accessories

  • Velcro for installing the safety lid holder

  • Boards can be flipped easily with practical finger loop

  • Color: black

With a total of 37 pockets, every tool has a place

The go pocket kit, specially designed to fit the mobile B&W go tool case, consists of two repellent.boards that can be quickly and easily installed in the lid and main compartment of the case with Velcro. The tool board for the lid has a total of 22 tool pockets in different sizes across the front and back. The main compartment board has another 15 pockets. Highly practical: The go pocket kit can be combined with other interior accessories, such as a document pouch for under the lid.

The next level of the B&W tool.boards: lightweight, dirt-repellent, and waterproof

Trade work is hard work. Just like the tools, the tool storage needs to perform at the highest level. This is why we at B&W have taken the next innovative step with our tool.boards and developed our latest removable boards as a storage option that does not shy away from wet or dirt. It is this feature that gives our new tool.boards their name: the repellent.boards.

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